Contemporary Abstract Sculpture and Public Art

Stone and steel. Strong. Sharp. Heavy. Yet solidly grounded in the natural world. Chris Brunner finds meaning in mathematical formulas, sees messages in geometric form. Using elemental materials, he creates engaging public art for both public and private spaces.

Can You Hear

Black Pearl Soapstone and Steel 2013
25in x 11in x 11in

Parallel Lives

Soapstone and Steel 2019
29in x 6in x 6in

Diablo Uncaged

Steel and Limestone 2019
66in x 12in x 12in

In the Hands of Fools

Steel 2014
5ft x 4ft x 18in

Standing at the Edge of the World

Steel and Limestone 2014
7ft 6in x 24in x 12in

Dance with Diablo

Steel and Limestone 2007
9ft x 2ft x 1ft

Drury Plaza

Steel and Limestone 2010
7-15ft towers

Snake Boy

Steel and Limestone 2005
12ft x 4ft 6in x 12in