Red Dragon

Granite and Steel 2014
45in x 13in x 13in

The Sides of Truth

Granite and Steel 2019
20in x 8in x 6in

What Goes Around

Steel and Marble 2014
2ft x 10in x 10in

Ocean Battle

Soapstone and Steel 2019
60in x 12in x 12in


Soapstone and Steel 2019
26in x 10in x 10in

Forces of Nature

Steel 2013
29in x 12in x 8in


Soapstone and Steel 2018
29in x 6in x 6in

Prairie Surfing

Limestone and Steel 2013
21in x 10in x 6in

Push the Earth

Limestone 2014
39in x 6in x 6in

Industrial Tiger

Steel and Granite 2007
4ft x 2ft x 1ft

The Executioner’s Face is Always Well Hidden

Steel and Limestone 2014
55in x 17in x 10in

The Last Minnow

Soapstone and Steel 2018
61in x 12in x 12in

Lies that Life is Black and White

Steel, Granite and Marble 2011
6ft x 6in x 22in x 12in

When We Are Clean

Steel and Marble 2014
21in x 12in x 10in